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snowboardPosted by Peter Lundstrom Mon, April 06, 2009 19:11:23
Had a bit too much of bad service at the 'Piste' restaurant, so Mikka Hast's friends hooked us up with a home made dinner. There was also some 90's party theme going on that night in some club, in case you wonder about the outfits. Instead of actually dressing up for the occasion, Johan and I just tried to party the way we did in '97.HubbabubbaHubbahubba. Meri PeltonenDolf WonderwallThere is that Swedish saying about calling it too early...I'm really trying hard to figure out a caption for this shot ('Nice rug' was too obvious), but that textile pattern just keeps making my thoughts run astray.Hast, cabin-owner and an enourmous guy.

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