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snowboardPosted by Peter Lundstrom Sat, December 13, 2008 22:29:34
Finished up the Protest shoot yesterday, took the train to Chamonix to meet up with Johan's sister and have some amazing food at Munchies. Met Trey Cook and talked about what had changed in Cham since we left. Not that much. Now in Sundsvall where I will have to dig out my car that looks like a small quarterpipe, and then head up to Umeå for a Nitro shoot with Swoboda, Arvidssson and Gun.Blog ImageMikka Hast, Hagström and Johan haulin' it. Notice how the guy with a backpack 10 kilos heavier than the one the Kustjägarna have to wear, is chargin' in front of the 'talent'.

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